Bird Announces “One Bird”

Program Provides Underserved Communities Access to Affordable and Convenient Transportation to Increase Mobility and Employment Opportunities

VENICE, California, July 19, 2018 / Bird, the leader in last-mile electric mobility, today announced One Bird, a program that helps improve mobility and increase access to employment opportunities for underserved communities.

According to the US Bureau of Labor, on average, households spend $9,000 on transportation costs annually, which is nearly half as much as what is spent on rent or the direct costs of home ownership. In underserved communities where public transit is not always available, Bird provides an accessible and economical mode of transportation that enables people to move around their city with ease. One Bird now makes this mode of transportation available to more people.

Available now in all cities where Bird operates, One Bird eliminates the $1 base fee per ride for anyone who is currently enrolled in, or eligible for a state or federal assistance program. Waiving the base ride fee means that eligible riders can ride Bird for 15 cents per minute. For example, with One Bird, riders will spend about $3 on a 20-minute commute to work while a rideshare for the same trip can cost upwards of $10.

“Everyone should have access to transportation that is accessible, affordable, and environmentally-friendly. One Bird makes this a reality by providing a way for everyone to ride Birds in their city. We warmly welcome all new riders, and encourage our current eligible riders to enroll in the program, so together we can create a community with fewer cars, less traffic, and reduced carbon emissions.” – Travis VanderZanden, founder and CEO of Bird.

To qualify for One Bird, individuals must be currently enrolled in or eligible for a state or federal assistance program, including, but not limited to CalFresh, Medicaid, SNAP, or a discounted utility bill. To enroll, email proof of enrollment in a state or federal assistance program, along with your full name and phone number, to Approval takes approximately 2 to 3 business days.

About Bird

Bird is a last-mile electric vehicle sharing company dedicated to bringing affordable, environmentally friendly transportation solutions to communities across the world. It provides a fleet of shared electric scooters that can be accessed via smartphone. Birds give people looking to take a short journey across town or down that “last-mile” from the subway or bus to their destination a way to do so that does not pollute the air or add to traffic. Bird works closely with the cities in which it operates so that Bird is a reliable and affordable transportation option for people who live and work there. Founded in 2017 by transportation pioneer Travis VanderZanden, Bird is headquartered in Venice, Calif., and is rapidly expanding across the country. Follow Bird on Instagram, on Twitter at @BirdRide, and find more information at