Micromobility Coalition Launches to Transform Urban Mobility in Europe

E-scooters have already had a significant impact on urban mobility in Europe. 

Now, Bird and seven of our peers in urban transportation have come together to form a new coalition focused on developing a coherent policy framework that will help micromobility flourish across the continent and support the rapid transition to zero-emission urban mobility.

Micro-Mobility for Europe (MMfE) is made up of representatives from Bird, Bolt, Dott, FreeNow, Lime, TIER, Voi and Wind. Combined, our companies operate in over 20 EU countries across more than 100 European cities. This wealth of experience and data is instrumental in helping cities better understand, regulate and plan for traffic flows, use of public space as well as necessary changes to improve road safety and mobility services in line with future mobility needs. 

“As the vast majority of public space is currently dedicated to car infrastructure, we need to rethink how public space in cities is used,” said Alexander Jung, Sr. Public Policy Associate at Bird and Co-Chair of Micro-Mobility for Europe. “We look forward to contributing to this important discussion.” 

The coalition intends to address a representation gap for micromobility in critical transport and mobility policy discussions. Together, the member organizations of the MMfE will work closely with local authorities and community stakeholders to help integrate micromobility into European cities’ transportation ecosystems. We have identified urban mobility, data governance and the circular economy as our top priorities to ensure that shared micromobility is an integral part of EU policy developments in the coming years.

“Micromobility has revolutionised urban mobility and established itself as an essential alternative to personal car ownership and use,” said Catriona Meehan,Co-Chair of the coalition and representative of Wind. “The coalition is a key milestone in working together as one industry towards a healthier, more sustainable and less congested future for European cities.” 

For more information on the MMfE, visit the coalition website or get in contact here.