Share, Rent, and Own: E-scooters for Commuters

When it comes to transportation, one size does not fit all. From bus trips to traffic-ridden car rides to carpools–commutes come in all shapes, sizes, and distances. Additionally, the word ‘commute’ typically has a negative connotation, whether it ignites memories of gridlocked highways, the obnoxious sound of car horns, or the unsettling sight of car exhaust.  

We look forward to alleviating these pain points for commuters by helping to get people out of their cars, making communities more livable, and your commute just a tiny bit sweeter.


Since September of 2017, Bird’s been focused on finding ways to expand and improve our shared service–bringing Bird’s shared micro-mobility vehicles to more communities around the world, and ensuring we have a convenient and reliable service for the maximum amount of people. 

After less than two years of operations, the number one use case for Bird is to get to and from work, with over 30% of Bird riders reporting this. And while it’s clear that commuters rely on our shared service, we also listened closely to feedback from our riders in order to better serve everyone. Riders now have the ability to reserve a Bird in advance to ensure a safe and reliable ride home.  


While e-scooter sharing is a solution for millions of commuters around the world, we started to brainstorm additional ways we could provide greater access to sustainable and affordable transportation.

Say hello to the personal rentals program.

In April 2019, we launched personal rentals–a new offering that gives people monthly access to a Bird for a flat rate. Currently available in San Francisco, Washington D.C. & Miami, there has been a positive response from both riders and cities to the program.

“I have been a Bird user for over a year and this has been a service that has 100% met my commuter needs.” -Paige C.

“Very convenient to have a personal electric scooter delivered to me and ready for use within a couple of days. It’s significantly improved my commute!” – Michael K.

With personal rentals, Bird provides greater access to an environmentally-friendly form of transportation that people can depend upon for more affordable and convenient daily or consistent commuting needs. Skip parking and escape traffic with a monthly Bird rental. 

Read about renting your own personal Bird in Barcelona.


Bird One–it’s sleek, it’s innovative, and it’s yes, another way we are helping people rethink their commute. 

The industry’s first of its kind, because this isn’t a scooter—this is your very own Bird.

Bird One owners have the ultimate riding companion for anything that comes their way and it doesn’t stop there. Owners will have access to app control, ride credits, and anti-theft capabilities. (Not to mention, this Bird comes in three custom colors for whatever suits your fancy.)

Go wherever the ride takes you—anytime, anywhere.

At Bird, we’re constantly evolving by creating products and features that best serve our riders. We look forward to what lies ahead because riding is believing.