Promoting Clean Air in Paris

Sustainability will always be a core focus at Bird. Globally, our teams work around the clock on projects and initiatives, striving to bring a greener day to our riders to ultimately make cities more livable.

Following our launch in Paris nearly a year ago, riders across the city have ditched their cars and helped to reduce pollution by committing to carbon-free rides with Bird. To bring more attention to improving air quality this summer, Bird rolled out a sustainability program in Paris aimed at getting people out of their cars when the air pollution reaches alarming levels (when it matters the most). 

 “You guys should do this everywhere” – Daniel M.

“Tres bien et supercool” – Kelsey R.

Getting people out of their cars when it matters most: Bird pledges to offer rides, waiving the start fee on days when the Parisian official air pollution index exceeds “75” throughout  August (high or very high), according to the official Air Parif daily forecast and measurement. 

Climate Warriors: In addition to incentivizing riders on severe pollution days, Bird is giving limited edition climate warrior bracelets to riders in the city centre of Paris (while supplies last). Each bracelet represents a step in the green direction with the words, “Aujourd’hui je Bird pour Paris” (Today, I Bird for Paris). Together we unite, across Paris and towards a city with fewer cars and more vibrant communities.

Skip the car, take a Bird ride, and reduce carbon emissions when Paris needs it the most. #BirdForCleanerAir

To learn more about Bird’s pledge to improve air quality, head to

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