Community Mode: Empowering Neighborhoods

Community is a core value of ours at Bird. Community inspires us each day to build a service that empowers and uplifts people, whether or not they ride Bird. This value, along with direct feedback from our communities, is the genesis of Community Mode.

Last November, Bird introduced Community Mode, allowing any individual to easily provide feedback on parking and damaged vehicles directly to Bird. Over the last several months, Community Mode has helped foster a direct line between Bird and the 100+ communities we operate in. This has encouraged smart, responsible safety practices while also improving operations at a local level. In the five months since launch, we’ve heard from more than 70,000 members of the community.

The Community Mode tool enables anyone to easily report an issue, such as a damaged or poorly parked vehicle, directly to Bird with just a few taps in the Bird app. Bird then reviews these reports and flags them for our in-market teams, who respond to the request as appropriate. This team then follows up via email with whoever made the report, and closes the loop once the report has been resolved.

Community Mode has positively impacted communities in the following ways:

Seamless & efficient reporting

City residents welcomed this new option for direct communication and find the tool is easy to use, even for individuals who were not previously familiar with the Bird App. In fact, nearly half of the reports come from non-riders.

“I’ve seen rider behavior improve in the neighborhood over time, but love knowing that if there is ever an issue, I can easily report it directly to Bird through the app.”  – Diane R., Santa Monica

They also shared that Community Mode has given them an easy way to help improve operations in their community while supporting a sustainable transportation option.

“In under a minute, I’m able to contact Bird’s team through their Community Mode function making the process simple and easy! By providing community members with this tool, we can have an active role in keeping our sidewalks clear.” – Jana R., San Antonio


Bird uses these reports along with other data points, including post-ride photos, vehicle inspections, and ride data, to help identify issues that need attention and for riders who may need further education. As a result, damaged Birds are now removed from neighborhoods 4x faster, and we continue to use these reports to improve our response times.

Commitment to the community

We are committed to partnering with the communities where we operate; making them more livable by reducing car usage, traffic, and carbon emissions.

“I’ve used Community Mode to report poor parking and other issues and Bird has been very responsive.” – Santa Monica Councilmember, Ted Winterer

By giving every individual the power to engage with Bird in real time, they can have a voice in creating safer, people-friendly streets.

“Bird has been receptive to feedback from Culver City and the community. The introduction of Community Mode demonstrates that Bird will continue to improve its operations and responsiveness in Culver City.”  – Culver City Mayor, Thomas Small

Community Mode is available globally to anyone with the Bird app. Simply download the app, and tap on the Community Mode icon in the lower right-hand corner. We look forward to hearing from you!