Bird Watcher for the Day: Patrick Studener Hits the Streets

Bird is dedicated to making our streets safer and our cities more liveable. In order to achieve this, we have developed a suite of parking tools, extensive in-app messaging and have embarked on a global safe streets tour to educate riders and community members of proper road use. These tools, paired with our on-the-ground Bird Watchers, help cities all over the world integrate e-scooters into their communities. 

Bird Watchers play an intricate and vital role at Bird, helping us successfully partner with the communities we serve. They work tirelessly behind the scenes ensuring that Birds are being parked, ridden and picked up correctly. We’re grateful for our Bird Watchers and thank them for providing our riders with safer streets and more livable communities. 

To show this gratitude and help learn more about their day-to-day roles, Bird’s Vice President, Patrick Studener hit the streets of Paris and spent the day with a few of our Bird Watchers. 

This post is guest authored by Bird’s Vice President, Patrick Studener. 

This weekend, I had the chance to join Kenny, Miyale and Fatah, who are a few of our many Field Mechanics and Bird Watchers on the streets of Paris. 

For those who are not familiar, Bird’s Field Mechanics monitor the streets and make small repairs on Birds, such as replacing kickstands, or bells on the handlebars to better ensure you always have a safe ride. They also flag Birds that need to be taken back to the workshop for more serious repair. This way, Birds are working well at all times. 

Bird Watchers monitor the streets and make sure any incorrectly parked Birds are moved out of the way and onto bicycle or moped stands. What struck me while Bird Watching was how far we would often have to go once we found a wrongly parked scooter or bike to park it correctly. The need for additional parking for alternatives to the car is something the city of Paris is working on and we can’t wait to see this come into effect. Ultimately, solutions like these are what will reduce the need for millions of cars to enter Paris every day causing the congestion we currently experience.  

Thank you Kenny, Miyale and Fatah for keeping the streets organized and letting me join in on the Bird Watching.

Stop Driving. Start Moving. Bird.