Bird x Earth Day: Renewable Energy Credits and Carbon Offsets

In March 2019, we were honored to receive a Global Sustainable Development Goal Award in recognition of our commitment to partnering with cities to become more sustainable. Bird wants to set a new standard for transport companies by making e-scooters available in cities around the world and working to reduce the environmental impact of our business. Every step (or ride) along the way, we are thinking about and taking action to mitigate the global climate crisis.

While e-scooters are transforming the transportation industry as we know it, and pushing people to rethink the ways in which they travel, there is so much more that can be done. At Bird, we are constantly working to mitigate emissions, operate more efficiently, and make carbon-neutral transportation available to all. This commitment has lead us to partner with 3Degrees. Bird purchased renewable energy credits and carbon offsets to mitigate the environmental impact of our rides in 2018.

How does this work? Our e-scooters are charged using a regular wall outlet. Bird estimates the total direct energy (in megawatt hours) used to charge e-scooters and matches them with high quality, zero-emissions renewable energy certificates (RECs). To mitigate greenhouse gases associated with Bird pick-up and drop-off, we’ve purchased carbon offsets, which fund projects that ensure additional GHGs are not released into our atmosphere.

Since we operate globally, we selected a diverse portfolio of offset and REC projects, including an anaerobic digester project at a family-owned dairy in New York, a landfill gas collection project at a landfill in Pennsylvania, and a reforestation project that converts marginal farm acreage back into forested land along the Mississippi River. A large portion of the RECs purchased through this initiative will support the California Brighter Schools Solar project. This inspirational project installs solar panels on school rooftops. The solar panels provide schools with clean-green energy and offer an opportunity to educate students about power generation, sustainability, and creating budget stability. In addition to powering schools, excess power generated during the summer months can be sold back into the grid, providing a source of revenue.

We envision a world where a majority of short trips are made on e-scooters, charged with renewable energy and in dedicated green, mobility lanes. Not because this is a future we simply want to have—but one we need to have. Our climate requires immediate, unapologetic action that prioritizes the long-term health and safety of our planet. At Bird, we won’t be satisfied until a greener future is realized, and we’ll continue to partner with our riders and communities to make transportation sustainable and affordable—not only on Earth Day, but every single day.