Bird Approved Sustainable Travel Tips

The sun is out, birds are chirping, and vacation season is starting. While we can all agree that vacation is amazing, constant travel can have surprisingly negative environmental effects. Luckily, there are simple, yet highly impactful changes we can all make to contribute to a healthier planet. Pull out your sandals, get the spf ready and prepare to relax. Your sustainable travel tips have arrived.

Reusables, reusables, reusables.

Purchasing the petite, travel sized toiletries stocked in convenience stores everywhere can be tempting, but make the choice to invest in refillable toiletry bottles. You’ll limit the excess plastic wasted and the extra product that’s also thrown away. If you want a win for yourself and the environment, check out one of our favorite reusable toiletry bottles here.

Staycation in style.

Did you know one round-trip flight from New York to California is equivalent to about 20 percent of the greenhouse gases that your car emits over an entire year? Switch up your plans and discover new restaurants, museums, and neighborhoods closer to home. Staycations are the best way to feel like you’re away without the added expenses and emissions.

Welcome home, for now.

Booking travel accommodations can be challenging when taking the location, decor, and price points into consideration, but keeping it simple and going green has a major upside. Book your hotel on GoodWings, and they’ll make a donation to a charity of your choice—erasing your carbon footprint among one of the many choices.

Take it for here.

Get your coffee to stay, instead of to-go. We go through exorbitant amounts of plastic and paper on the move, eating and drinking while traveling in particular. Take your coffee to stay with a reusable coffeehouse mug, and you just might slow down and enjoy the moment even more.

Hyper-localize it.

Dive into your community by supporting locally owned businesses and farmers markets. Join an online community like Impact Travel Alliance, to learn more about sustainable travel, meet like-minded, passionate people, and attend sustainability-focused events. Who knows, one of these members might become your new travel companion.

Say goodbye to car rentals, and hello to Bird.

Experience the city you’re visiting from a Bird’s eye view. Skip the traffic, hop on a Bird, and enjoy the fresh air. With renewable energy credits and carbon offsets purchased to mitigate the environmental impact of our rides, you can be confident in your decision to ride Bird. No lines, no surge pricing; just your dedicated bike lane and a city to conquer. Have fun viewing your city through a different lens, and your wallet will thank you later.

Now you’re ready to travel this summer in style, while helping make our communities more livable.