For a limited time, start today for $0 upfront. Return the vehicles in working condition anytime and pay zero fees or penalties.*

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Help us change the world by reducing carbon emissions and traffic with micro-EVs.

Bird’s Fleet Manager program is a global program for logistics providers and small businesses interested in making their neighborhoods cleaner, safer, and less congested by managing fleets of e-scooters.

Why become a Fleet Manager with Bird?

$0 upfront to get started for a limited time and $0 owed when you return the vehicles in working condition*
Improve the quality of life in your community
Make money on every ride taken on scooters you manage
World-class suite of tools, guidance and support from the pioneers in micromobility

FM Earnings

Earn over $1,500/week1

Get paid weekly
Make money on every ride
Vehicles make money for you

Delivering World-Class City Service

By locals, for locals

When you partner with Bird, you are partnering with your city to bring essential micromobility services to your community.

Helping small businesses recover
Socially distanced activity
Providing clean transportation options in the community
Reinvesting in workforce development and career building

Fleet Manager Systems Control

Fleet Manager Systems Control

Bird provides resources for success including a world-class suite of app-based tools, analytics and support that enable Fleet Managers to:

Locate, capture, and release vehicles
Track vehicle status
Conduct in field repairs and routine maintenance
Find high demand areas to optimize the fleet
Adhere to city and local compliance requirements
• No ride and no parking zones
• Geo-speeds
• Hours of operation
• Responding to 311s

We’re committed to the health and safety of all Fleet Managers

We’re committed to the health and safety of all Fleet Managers

Bird is committed to the well-being of our partners and is taking appropriate precautionary measures to keep Fleet Managers safe, including providing Fleet Managers with PPE.

Common questions

  • What is a Fleet Manager?

    Fleet Managers are local businesses and logistics providers tasked with managing operations on a portion of our electric scooter fleet in-market. Responsibilities include fleet deployment and rebalancing, sanitization, and general care and maintenance of our Bird vehicles out in the community.

  • How do Fleet Managers make money?

    Fleet Managers make money on each ride taken via the vehicle fleet they manage and by complying with operational requirements in their city.

  • How much does it cost to become a Fleet Manager?

    The Fleet Manager program is designed to provide economic opportunity to individuals who are committed to making their cities safer and the air they breathe cleaner. Today, there are $0 upfront costs payable to Bird to become a Fleet Manager.

  • What do I need to do to become a Fleet Manager?

    We look for Fleet Managers who have a passion for our mission and an entrepreneurial drive. If that is you, fill out the form on this page to learn more.

    Many Fleet Managers are former mechanics or “gig” independent contractors who charged vehicles for micromobility companies in the past and have a strong commitment to serving their community but wanted to transition from the gig  environment.

  • Do I need to purchase any scooters?

    No, Bird always maintains ownership of the vehicles. Fleet Managers are responsible for the care and maintenance of the vehicles in their fleet. A hardware usage amount is deducted from a Fleet Manager’s payments initially and then diminishes over time.

  • What kind of training does Bird offer to become a Fleet Manager?

    To help Fleet Managers develop their business, Bird provides all Fleet Managers with a comprehensive training program as they onboard into the program and throughout the course of their engagement, and guides them in best practices to maintain the safety of the vehicles. In addition to core training programs, Bird also provides Fleet Managers with ongoing support via live office hours with one-on-one coaching and service location help and assistance, access to live training materials such as masterclasses and 24×7 access to on demand training videos.

  • What tools does Bird provide to help me be a successful Fleet Manager?

    A Fleet Manager and Bird’s success are linked. Bird equips each Fleet Manager with a Fleet Manager Control System, a suite of tools that help them operate compliantly in a city while also providing data and insights as to where and how to optimize demand for vehicles they manage. Bird is also responsible for marketing programs and initiatives that drive demand for vehicles in your market.

  • What if I try the program and I don’t like it or Bird stops operating in my city?

    There are zero fees or penalties for equipment that is returned to the company in working order.

  • Is this gig labor?

    Unlike the gig model where individuals were competing for vehicles and solely focused on charging vehicles, Fleet Managers are assigned a certain number of vehicles and are incentivized to take better care of them. Fleet Managers go through extensive safety and compliance training, have access to a world-class library of resources, and are qualified to maintain vehicles in a way that chargers in the gig model were not.

  • What is my relationship with city officials?

    Bird is your main partner, as you provide logistical support for fleet operations in your city. Bird maintains the direct city relationship and continues to be responsible for city compliance and ensuring that contractually, all Fleet Managers uphold our operational standards and commitment to city partners.