Ride with Pride – Ride a Bird, Make an Impact

All communities should be celebrated and honored, no more so than this June, which marks the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, an event that signaled the beginning of the LGBTQI civil rights movement in the U.S.

Globally, we honor the individuals who paved the way for LGBTQI civil rights by donating to an organization that raises the visibility and defends the rights of LGBTQI people around the world.

Throughout June and July, we are participating in and sponsoring Pride events around the world–from California to Texas, Israel and Paris. Led by our LGBTQI Employee Resource Group (ERG), LoveBirds, these events celebrate how far we’ve come to achieve equality and signal how far we still need to go.

Meet LoveBirds.

When was LoveBirds founded?

LoveBirds was the first ERG founded at Bird during the summer of 2018. Two passionate colleagues had joined the company and approached me about the possibility of supporting an employee resource group. Bird as a brand had already come out as a strong supporter of the LGBTQI community by sponsoring and participating in Pride parades in Los Angeles and Austin.

Why was LoveBirds created?

LoveBirds was created to connect LGBTQI employees across the organization and to build awareness internally and externally to our contribution.

What is the mission and goals of LoveBirds?

Our mission is to create an inclusive, safe, and open environment for all people at Bird regardless of their sexuality, gender, or experience with transportation.

We aim to connect LGBTQI people across the organization and support their personal and professional goals. Today we host events and continue to support the community. Longer-term, we want to make sure Bird is as diverse and inclusive as possible and void of homophobia and transphobia.

In what ways has Bird supported LoveBirds?

Bird has devoted significant resources to supporting LoveBirds – primarily as it relates to activating the brand around global Pride events. Our next focus will be on building internal events and awareness alongside the Talent team and in encouraging a robust recruiting pipeline of LGBTQI candidates.

Tell me about LoveBirds past projects and events.

The first event ever hosted by LoveBirds was a screening of The Bird Cage in the office. We catered cupcakes and wine and had a fabulous time. This year we led a Pride month celebration through June including the release of Pride Birds in the wild, brand partnerships with community activists, employee swag, fundraising for Athlete Ally, and a Love is Love Day recognizing the 50th Anniversary of Stonewall.

What would you name as your biggest success thus far?

Building the framework that other Bird ERGs could grow from to drive inclusion and diversity across the company!

What are you most excited about for the future?

I am excited to expand upon our programming in order to connect the greater LGBTQI community to micro-mobility!

No matter where you live, or who you love, #RideWithPride