Introducing #BirdHelmetSelfie

We’re taking safety to the next level and we can’t wait for you to get involved. 

Safety precedes everything we do at Bird with our teams consistently innovating to create features and products to keep our riders (YOU) and the communities we operate in, as safe as possible. In our quest to reward riders for strapping on a helmet, the Helmet Selfie was born.

Initially rolling out in Washington D.C., Bird riders will now be rewarded for wearing a helmet while Birding, encouraging and fostering a community of safe riders, globally.

At the end of your ride, riders will be asked to take a selfie showcasing their helmet to receive an incentive. What do the incentives look like? At launch, these will come in the form of future rider credit, rewarding riders for best practices. Next, share your selfie on social media using the hashtag #BirdHelmetSelfie. Show us your smile, your helmet and join the safety movement!

  1. Wear a helmet. Fasten your helmet, start your Bird and enjoy the ride.

  2. Take a selfie. End your ride and take a selfie in the app showing off your helmet.

  3. Receive an incentive. Check your account for future ride credit.

  4. Share it on social. Be a part of our growing community of riders who are passionate about safe riding. #BirdHelmetSelfie

In addition to the Helmet Selfie, we’re launching an entire marketplace devoted to safe riding! The all-new Bird Safety Marketplace will be a rider’s resource to find all the protective gear you need. Riders will find a selection of curated products such as helmets and safety accessories to better protect themselves.

Are you a helmet or safety device company interested in being featured in Bird’s Safety Marketplace? Email for more information and to submit a proposal to offer your product in the marketplace.