Bird’s Winter Riding Tips

Baby, it’s cold outside ~ which means unpredictable weather and a need for heightened awareness while Birding. And because safety precedes everything we do at Bird, we’re serving up our top winter safety tips to keep you and the community safe this holiday season!

Winter riding tips from Bird

  • Weather Check. Open your favorite weather app, tune in to your local news or open the Bird App to see if Birds are flying that day. If conditions are too severe, Birds will not be available for riders.  

  • Be Seen. As the days get shorter and the evenings grow longer, opt for brightly colored clothing when possible and considering wearing a flashing light and/or applying reflective tape to your helmet, backpack, or jacket.

  • Avoid the need for speed. Use caution when riding. Just as cars and bikes take longer to brake in inclement weather, so can e-scooters. Keep it slow and give the person or vehicle in front of you plenty of space. 

  • Rain or shine, follow the road rules. Many of the rules of the road are the same for a bike, scooter or a car. Go with the flow of traffic and yield to pedestrians, while riding in bike lanes. 

  • Bundle Up. Multiple layers are key during the winter months, waterproof shoes never hurt, and gloves can make your ride extra comfortable in cooler temps. 

  • Be heard. Bird’s bells are designed to sound friendly. Use them liberally to make your presence known to cars, cyclists and pedestrians. 

  • Park like a pro. Avoid blocking public pathways. Park by bike racks when available!

Wishing you all a happy and healthy holiday season! #EnjoyTheRide