Bird’s Positive Impact on D.C.

We’re proud to operate in our nation’s capital, Washington D.C., providing environmentally-friendly, accessible and affordable transportation to District residents, commuters, and visitors. Our rider base has grown dramatically with riders spanning across D.C., demonstrating the widespread demand for Bird. 

Enhancing Car-Free Mobility

In just over a year of operations, Bird has become a staple in the lives of many D.C. residents, providing people with an alternative to cars. Not only has Bird become a critical part of their commute—50% of riders reported that they use Bird to get to and from work. But riders are also connecting to public transportation—29% of riders use Bird to connect to D.C. Metro and the bus.

The increase in public transportation has helped alleviate traffic in D.C. by reducing car trips. 23% of Bird rides replaced a ride-hail or taxi trip, demonstrating that Bird is a transportation solution with the ability to positively impact and affect traffic patterns.

Contributing to the Local Economy

We’ve committed to partnering with the D.C. community to not only improve transportation access but to also better the lives of our riders. Bird is connecting residents and visitors alike to local businesses they may not have otherwise visited. 48% of riders frequented a local business on their last trip, while 77% of riders reported they were more likely to visit that business because of Bird. Riders are discovering new neighborhoods, restaurants, and museums, thanks to the ease and accessibility of Bird. 

Our investment in D.C. extends from our riders, to our nearly 50 employees on the ground. 

Meet Alricko H., a team member based in D.C. who consistently goes above and beyond to meet the city’s micro-mobility needs. Ricko is a “shift lead” at our local service center, where he leads a team of mechanics. Ricko is a Ward 5 resident with strong ties to NE D.C., is passionate about micro-mobility and rides a Bird to work daily. 

Our employees are longtime D.C. residents focused on bringing their neighbors, families, and friends the best micro-mobility service possible.

Helping D.C. Transform its Streets

D.C. is taking big steps to improve car-free mobility in and around the District—from bolstering Metrorail infrastructure, to instituting dedicated bus lanes downtown, and even to letting people walk, bike, and roll on completely open streets. Sustainable, human-scaled mobility modes like Bird are central to D.C.’s vision, and Bird is proud to be helping DDOT make the transition to streets designed by and for the people.