Bird Increases Scooter Service in Paris to Help With Recovery

Bird is ramping up scooter service in the French capital to help residents get moving again after nearly two months of confinement. 

In preparation for the country’s initial easing of quarantine measures set to take place on May 11, the Bird team in Paris has begun building up our fleet of electric scooters at strategic deployment zones around the city. This includes hospitals, local businesses and major transit arteries such as Châtelet and Gare de Lyon.

Our team has been working alongside city leaders to ensure that the rollout will be methodical, allowing Parisians to ease back into life outside of the strict 1 km confinement zones that have been in place since March 16. Bird rides will be free for medical personnel, and all riders will be encouraged to make use of the more than 160 kms of pop-up bike lanes that have been created by Mayor Anne Hidalgo’s administration.

But we know that simply supplying mobility alternatives is not enough. That’s why the team at Bird is continuing the increased sanitization measures that were enacted in March after the outbreak of COVID-19. This means additional deep cleaning cycles for each vehicle as it is brought to our warehouse for charging and maintenance, as well as more frequent spot cleaning and sterilization for deployed vehicles on the street.

We will also be messaging riders via the Bird app with reminders to wash their hands thoroughly before and after each ride.

Click here to learn more about our strategic global fleet buildup as COVID-19 confinement measures begin to lift in cities around the world.