Bird’s “Ride Better” Safety Campaign Kicks Off With Virtual Safety School

2021 is gearing up to be a record breaking year for micromobility. 

As weather warms in the northern hemisphere, vaccination numbers continue to rise and cities look to responsibly reopen, the surge in micro-EV ridership that was experienced in 2020 is expected not only to return, but to increase. 

At Bird, we’re focused on making sure safety awareness stays well ahead of this exciting utilization curve. 

That’s the impetus behind our new “Ride Better” campaign—a series of educational initiatives that includes videos, out-of-home advertising, community partnerships, responsible riding incentives and more dedicated to keeping riders and communities safe.

Micromobility Industry’s First Safety Course for Drivers

The campaign kicks off today with the launch of our virtual Safety School. This 3-video driver education program shines a light on some of the most common causes of crashes involving automobiles colliding with micromobility riders, including:

  • Dooring (when a cyclist or scooter rider is hit by a driver exiting a parked car),
  • Blind spots while turning, and
  • Speeding

Each video teaches drivers how to avoid potentially serious crashes as well as proven techniques that they can implement to stay vigilant about more vulnerable road users. The series also serves as an instructional tool to help cyclists and scooter riders stay alert when sharing the street with cars, trucks and delivery vehicles. 

At the end of each video, a brief follow-up quiz is proposed to ensure participants have retained the information. All three Safety School courses can be viewed and shared freely using the links below. 

The announcement comes just weeks after the launch of our industry-first skid detection feature, allowing the Bird team to proactively detect and respond to worn tires or hazardous and non-compliant riding behavior. 

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