One Charge at a Time

At Bird, we believe living sustainably is something everyone, everywhere can achieve.

This month, we’d like to celebrate the people who bring our Birds to life every day – our dedicated and hardworking community of Bird chargers. This group of diverse and passionate individuals ensures riders have access to a reliable, fun, and environmentally-friendly transportation option- whether in Tel Aviv, Miami, Santa Monica, or Paris. We’re especially honored to work with chargers who are inspired by Bird’s mission to make cities more livable by reducing car usage, traffic, and carbon emissions.

We like to think every charged Bird is one less car on the road.

The Greenest Charger Award

As a part of our Earth Month initiatives, we want to recognize the chargers that are particularly moved and inspired by Bird’s mission. This April, our charging community has had the chance to nominate themselves as, “The Greenest Charger” — highlighting the efforts they are making to live and promote a sustainable lifestyle whether they’re charging, at home with their families, or simply running daily errands.  

After just two weeks of opening the contest, nearly 1,000 chargers have entered to win, showcasing their dedication to living greener lives and demonstrating their work towards reducing their carbon footprint. Our greenest charger contest is open until April 22, 2019, and you can tune into Bird’s Twitter this month, to find out who is the eco-friendliest charger.

Inspired to Charge

Dozens of Bird chargers are actively working towards living a greener life, like Rosemary, a charger from Los Angeles, who believes charging for Bird has a positive impact on her city.

“As citizens, we can make a difference by carefully evaluating our choices. And wherever possible, we can ride scooters instead of driving a car to make a difference in our world. I love helping my city decrease automobile traffic, congestion, and pollution through charging. With many riding scooters for last mile transportation, we are decreasing our reliance on cars, helping our environment, and making the world an easier place to travel.” – Rosemary H., Los Angeles, CA.

Tips For Chargers, From Chargers

Based on the feedback we’ve received from our charger community, we’ve compiled a few tips for chargers (or anyone looking to live a bit greener). These are simple ways to positively impact your carbon footprint, with just a few daily efforts!

Want better gas mileage? Make sure your car’s tires are properly inflated. Getting better gas mileage reduces your carbon footprint. This can help save up to 700 lbs of CO2 per year.

Use your power wisely. Electronics still use power even when they’re turned off. Luckily, there’s no need to unplug your favorite appliances every day. Just use a smart power strip to cut back on wasteful standby power.

Drive like an eco-friendly pro. Driving habits have a direct impact on a car’s miles per gallon. You could save a lot of CO2 by accelerating slowly, driving the speed limit, and anticipating stops and starts.

Thank you to our hard-working and sustainably-focused charger community who are enabling us to make a difference, together.