Meet Birdie, Bird’s New Three Wheel Kids Scooter

Birdies Allow Families to Ride Together;
Limited Quantity Available during the Holiday Season

Santa Monica, Calif., November 20, 2019 – In response to demand for a non-electric scooter designed for kids, Bird today announced Birdie, the three-wheel scooter designed for children ages 3+.  Available in three colors – Jet Black, Dove White, and Electric Rose – a limited number of Birdies are available for purchase now through the holiday season at for $129.

“Children’s push scooters are a symbolic component of Bird’s origin story,” said Travis VanderZanden, founder and CEO of Bird. “Prior to founding Bird, my children were given bicycles as a holiday gift. After riding their new bicycles on Christmas day, they awoke the next morning asking if they could ride their scooters again and continued to ride them for the remainder of the day. This mode preference further sparked my desire to bring adults a fun, emission-free mode of transportation that would get them out of cars and to provide the opportunity to reconnect with their communities. Birdies are a fun way to give a nod to the founding of Bird and to give families the opportunity to ride together.”

About Birdie

Birdie is a durable three wheel, kid-powered scooter. Custom designed by Bird’s industry leading vehicle designers, Birdie provides a fun way for children ages 3+ scoot around the driveway, play with friends, ride alongside their parents as they check out a local farmer’s market, or to simply have fun and enjoy some fresh air. Birdies feature the following:

  • No slip grip: Birdie’s ergonomic grips are designed to provide better handling and prevent children’s hands from slipping off handlebars. Additionally, Birdie comes with safety stop buttons designed to prevent handlebar removals.

  • Durable design and frame: Made with airplane-grade metal, Birdie features wide footboards and ultra-wide wheels for enhanced stability.

  • Smooth steering: Birdie’s lean-to-steer design provides flexible control as little riders navigate playtime.

  • Three wheels for increased stability: Crafted for ultimate stability, Birdie’s three wheels offer a sturdier, stable, and wiggle-free ride.

  • Reliable brakes: Birdie’s stomp brake helps your little rider come to a stop quickly and reliably.

  • Height-adjustable t-bar: With an adjustable neck that can be moved up or down, Birdie grows with children making it a sustainable investment.

  • Safety tested: Birdie has undergone extensive safety testing to provide your child with a safe ride.

  • Trusted Bird brand: Birdie comes from the minds of Bird’s industry leading vehicle designers and globally recognized Bird brand. Flock together as a family in Bird style!

Pricing and Availability

A limited number of Birdies are available now for purchase from Bird at Birdies are available for $129 apiece plus tax and shipping.