Bird’s Guide to Mexico City

Art, vibrancy, culture, and diversity. 

Does Mexico City come to mind? Because it should. Welcome to a city on the rise with emerging art and renowned tastemakers. Everyone needs the “local take” or what we refer to as, the “Bird’s eye view” and we’re excited to bring a few of our favorites to you!

Start your trip with a Bird ride to Mexico City’s historic center, better known as Zocalo. While there, you’ll be immediately immersed in their culture and origins, so it’s a great starting point. You’re likely to witness impromptu shows of Aztec dancers with drums wearing feathered headdresses and so much more.

For an incredible experience truly unique to Mexico City, go to the Frida Kahlo house (pro tip, buy your tickets ahead of time online!). Set in one of the oldest neighborhoods in Mexico City, the museum is completely dedicated to honoring the life of Frida Kahlo. And if you haven’t had enough art for the day, Mexico City has the second-highest number of museums in the world, so there’ll be plenty of other artists to discover. 

After satisfying your hunger for art, it’ll definitely be time for a bite. For delicious sandwiches and a cozy atmosphere, hop on a Bird and ride to Belmondo. Order the classic bacon, egg, and cheese. We promise it won’t disappoint but be sure to save room for a sweet treat…

¡Churros! Churreria el Moro is an adorable churro shop with delightful decor and ah-mazing fried dough. Are we in heaven? Open 24 hours a day and boasting five locations, you may find yourself here more than once. But who are we to judge?

Spend the final leg of your tour getting to know one of Mexico City’s adorable neighborhoods or parks (we recommend Birding to Parque Mexico and Parque Luis Cabrera) and continue the good vibes at Breakfast Condesa. There is chic and rustic outdoor seating with a relaxed menu welcoming for families. 

Disfruta la Ciudad de México!