Bird Develops New Warm Up Mode To Help Riders Ease Back Into Daily Commutes

Getting moving again means innovating for the new normal. 

As cities around the world begin to take the first tentative steps towards reopening businesses and lifting confinement measures, the team at Bird wants to help ease the transition into life after COVID-19. That’s why we’ve developed Warm Up mode—a gentle acceleration option that helps new scooter riders sensitive to social distancing guidelines and those who may simply be out of practice feel comfortable and build up confidence as they go.

When activated, our new Warm Up mode will automatically soften a Bird scooter’s acceleration, allowing riders to slowly work their way up to full speed. Simply tap a clearly-marked button in the app or visit Settings > Ride Mode to enable the feature. 

According to Bird survey data, nearly 75% of e-scooter riders are looking for an option that lets them learn how to ride at their own pace. This valuable community feedback was the inspiration behind Warm Up mode. As residents and commuters look for ways to safely navigate their cities in the wake of the current health crisis, we want to ensure that clean, personalized micromobility is even more accessible to both existing and first time riders.

The initial rollout will be piloted in select cities across the US and Europe in the coming weeks while we work with community leaders to strategically ramp up operations. As service returns to normal, Bird riders around the world will be able to use Warm Up mode to personalize their riding experience.

Taking the lead on safety-related initiatives is incredibly important for all of us at Bird. In November, our Helmet Selfie feature introduced an innovative way to reward and incentivize helmet use for e-scooter riders, and earlier this year our Global Safety Advisory Board was expanded to help improve city life and meet key urban transportation objectives. 

Safe riding benefits everyone, and Warm Up mode is another step forward in ensuring that all riders feel comfortable on an electric scooter.