Bird Unveils New “Bird Two” Electric Scooter in Paris

A new generation of e-scooters that combines durability, safety and rider comfort is coming to Paris.

Paris, France, March 5 2020 – Bird has announced that its new electric scooter model, Bird Two, is coming to Europe in the coming weeks. 

The custom-designed vehicle combines durability, unequaled riding comfort and, above all, safety for riders and non-riders alike. Bird Two has a life cycle of more than 24 months, making it the most sustainable vehicle on the market. It also supports a wealth of safety features including new integrated sensors and dual disk brakes. The world leader in micromobility has chosen to kick off the European launch of Bird Two in Paris.

“Bird Two really stands out from vehicles offered by other operators,” said Driss Ibenmansour, General Manager of Bird France. “It’s not only the most durable electric scooter on the market, which makes it the most sustainable, but it also offers the most reassuring and comfortable experience for our riders. The long-lasting battery means that our scooters keep their charge longer, which will greatly contribute to our commitment to achieving carbon neutrality in Paris by the end of the year.”

Bird Two is a collection of technologies concealed under a sleek design, distinguishing it visually from other electric vehicles on the market and enabling easier and much more efficient maintenance.

Features of Bird Two include:

  • Longest lasting Battery: Bird has completely re-engineered the Bird Two battery to help riders travel farther and to minimize the impact of extreme weather conditions. This first-of-its-kind battery management system allows the scooter to operate safely with performance optimized for significant temperature variations.
  • Dual Brakes: Dual disk brakes make Bird Two the safest vehicle on the market.
  • Autonomous Damage Sensors: Inspired by the advanced diagnostic technology found in cars, Bird Two features self-reporting damage sensors that allow mechanics to quickly and easily identify problems, rapidly removing vehicles from the street for repair when necessary.
  • “Connected” Scooter: Bird Two is the latest generation smart scooter that utilizes sensors and machine learning to self-diagnose and report nearly 200 unique events, such as potentially dangerous humidity changes in the battery encasement.
  • Seamless Design: To increase safety, Bird’s design and engineering teams worked to ensure that Bird Two features a seamless exterior. The absence of exposed screws creates a sleeker appearance while also reducing injuries and vandalism.
  • Industrial-Grade Anti-Tip Kickstand: Bird Two features an industrial-grade anti-tip kickstand that’s uniquely designed to withstand the elements of the shared micromobility market while reducing the chances of a vehicle being knocked over when parked. Early data indicate the new kickstand results in the Bird Two remaining upright 99.4% of the time.
  • Theft Prevention Encryption: Building on Bird’s proprietary operating systems that power the brain of each of its vehicles, Bird Two includes enterprise level anti-theft encryption. The added encryption helps deter theft and protects riders from potentially malicious hacks that other e-scooter operating systems are susceptible to.
  • Puncture Resistant Tires: Flat tires resulting from poor road infrastructure and sharp objects found on city streets cause a decrease in vehicle reliability and an increase in time-intensive repairs. Bird Two features puncture resistant tires that not only deliver a more comfortable ride but decrease repair and maintenance demands.