Bird Twos are Launching Across Europe. Here’s Why That Matters

Antwerp, Stockholm and Milan have already launched. Paris and Lyon are soon to follow. 

As an increasing number of European cities look to encourage bike and scooter use post-covid lockdowns, the arrival of Bird Two is changing the micromobility equation across the continent.  

First there’s the sustainability factor. In a recent life cycle analysis conducted with the help of CEA Consulting and an independent consultant from the US National Renewable Energy Lab, Bird Two’s carbon emissions were shown to be 75% lower than those of privately-owned cars and a remarkable 82% lower than those emitted by ride-hailing vehicles. 

That’s good news for cities like Paris, who are seeing traffic and air pollution creep up to 80% of their pre-pandemic levels.

Much of this CO2 reduction is made possible thanks to Bird Two’s extended lifespan. Built from the ground up by automotive and aerospace engineers, the vehicles are designed to withstand the elements and physical demands unique to both the micromobility industry and Europe’s narrow cobblestone streets. This includes a custom bearing stack capable of enduring more than 60,000 curbside impacts. 

The rigorous testing and iteration process that has gone into developing Bird Two is what allows them to remain in service for a projected 24 months with minimal servicing. 

Then there’s the advanced design and technology, which help not only to improve damage detection and parking but also to drive rider demand. This is particularly important given the efforts being made across Europe to open streets to pedestrians and invest in new cycling and scooter infrastructure. Early data show that Bird Twos are 4x more likely to be unlocked via reservation, a strong indication that riders are excited to try out this latest electric scooter model. 

The success of shared micromobility programs in Europe and around the world depends most heavily on these two complementary factors: vehicles that people want to ride and ample places to safely ride and park them. 

The progressive rollout of Bird Twos across Europe will be done strategically and responsibly, allowing our Bird Zeros to continue their reliable operations more than a year after their arrival. To learn more about Bird Two, click here.