Bird’s New High-Tech, Foldable “Bird Air” is Everything Cars Aren’t

What do you get when you cross the safety and technology of the world’s most experienced micromobility operator with the fun and convenience of a portable electric scooter? 

Introducing Bird Air, the new high-tech, foldable e-scooter from Bird that you can own. 

Custom designed by our in-house team of aerospace and automotive engineers, this isn’t your average personal electric scooter. For starters, Bird Air holds more than 30 US and international safety certifications. That’s more than any other personal e-scooter on the market, covering everything from its long-lasting battery to its responsive, regenerative braking system. The “stow and go” vehicle design also includes additional features like aircraft-grade aluminum framing, never-flat tires and enhanced front and rear lighting that make Bird Air comfortable to ride and rugged enough to stand up to the demands of everyday use. 

“Bird Air was born out of the groundswell of support we’ve seen this year for modeshift and micromobility as individuals increasingly demand sustainable, socially-distant transportation alternatives for their active lifestyles,” said Scott Rushforth, Chief Vehicle Officer at Bird. “While shared electric scooters like our Bird Two are one critical piece of the puzzle, personal vehicles such as Bird Air extend the reach and accessibility of micromobility to a much broader audience, meaning more people on two wheels and fewer people in cars.” 

Bird Air is perfect for urban commuters and anyone looking for a new way to get around their neighborhood, providing that same great feeling of riding a Bird in an easy-to-store format. Its top speed of 16 mph (25 km/h) and range of up to 16 miles (25 km) are ideal for urbanites and suburbanites heading to and from work or riding with friends and family. It also comes equipped with smart bluetooth connectivity and can update its software automatically via the Bird App. 

To get your hands (and feet) on one of your own, visit the Bird store in the coming days or pick up a Bird Air exclusively at Target starting on September 20. Bird Air will launch internationally beginning in November, 2020.