Bird Launches Youth Card and Roma Tre University Partnership in Italy

Bird is pairing up with two renowned organizations in Italy to ensure young adults have full access to micro-electric mobility. 

The first is the country’s Carta Giovani Nazionale, part of the European Youth Card Association.

Thanks to this collaboration, a first between a global micro-EV operator and Carta Giovani Nazionale, Italian youth card members between 18 and 35 years old will receive a 10% discount on Bird e-scooter and e-bike rides nationwide. 

“The youth card offers young people real tools and exclusive opportunities thanks to the commitment of more than fifty Italian and international companies, public bodies and start-ups,” said Fabiana Dadone, Minister for Youth Policies. “To help foster trust between young people and the government, we have a duty to guarantee them a network of services that will accompany them in their studies, in their search for work and in their path to personal fulfillment. We’re talking about 11 million citizens: our goal is to reach everyone.”

Bird’s second new initiative geared at supporting young adults in Italy is a partnership with Roma Tre University.

With approximately 35,000 students and teachers, Roma3 is the second largest university in the Italian capital. Our innovative partnership offers a 20% discount on Bird’s industry-leading micro-EVs to the entire academic body including students, faculty and staff. It’s Bird’s first university partnership in Italy as we work to expand access to sustainable mobility throughout the country. 

The announcements come shortly after Bird launched our full multimodal fleet in Rome including Bird Three scooters, shared Bird Bikes and our unique integration with local Italian e-moped operator Zig Zag.

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