Bird Celebrates Fiestas del Pilar in Zaragoza With Free Sustainable Mobility

At Bird, we believe in lowering emissions, decreasing traffic and sometimes, as is the case with this month’s Pilar celebration in Zaragoza, Spain, joining in on the fiesta.

From October 11-17, our team in Zaragoza will be celebrating one of the city’s most important weeks, the Festival of Pilar, by offering free rides, hosting safety events, raffling off great sustainability gear like a personal Bird Air electric scooter and even decorating our vehicles with unique “cachirulo” stickers—a symbol of the region. 

Here’s how it’ll all work.

Throughout the week of the festival, new Bird riders in Zaragoza will receive two free rides, up to 15 minutes each, simply by entering the code PILAR2021. This will provide locals and festival-goers with an efficient, eco-friendly way to get around the city and enjoy all the fantastic activities. We’ll also be holding safety events and a raffle, with prizes including unlimited free Bird rides and a personal Bird Air scooter.* 

To help ensure everyone has a chance to participate, we’ve partnered with the team at Enjoy Zaragoza who will share information about all of our events and promotions via their Instagram account. It’s our hope that this kind of strong community engagement will help make the week-long festival of Pilar more sustainable and the city of Zaragoza more connected.

Of course, our commitment to increasing sustainable mobility access in Spain expands far beyond just Zaragoza. This summer, Bird España was honored to renew our operating permit in the capital city of Madrid as riders in the country passed 3 million kilometres on sustainable Bird scooters. 

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* See official terms and conditions here

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