Reimagining What it Means to Park in Cities

Approximately 50% of city real estate is devoted to car parking. That’s a sobering statistic. 

It’s one of the reasons Bird pioneered shared scooters—to help make urban mobility cleaner and more efficient. After all, 10 e-scooters fit in one parking space.

It’s also why we’re proud to be celebrating Parking Day, a guerrilla art installation started in 2005 that has since grown into a global event dedicated to reimagining what urban living would be like with less space wasted on dormant automobiles. 

Bird is hosting installations and events in both Washington, D.C. and Alexandria, Virginia emphasizing the role micromobility can play in turning the vision of Parking Day into a reality. 

In Washington, our parking spot takeover at 1055 5th Street NW will feature a dedicated structure to sit and socialize, along with a free helmet giveaway and an opportunity to engage with our local Bird team. We’ll be joined by members of the Latin American Youth Center with whom we recently partnered to assist in the Mayor’s vaccine education outreach campaign. 

In Alexandria, we’re hosting a Learn to Ride event at the Parc Meridian apartment building located at 750 Port St. The parking lot will be temporarily transformed into a safe riding zone where attendees will have access to free helmets, safety information and ride demonstrations. Both events will also provide education on our Community Pricing program. 

At Bird, we believe in decreasing gas-powered car usage by providing eco-friendly transportation for everyone. An important part of that mission is supporting and encouraging cities to make more efficient use of public space.

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