Germany Takes Center Stage for New Micromobility Rider Programs

Germany has taken center stage this summer for new micromobility initiatives designed to give back to Bird riders and encourage modeshift away from cars. 

In late June, more than a dozen cities around the country piloted our new Frequent Flyer loyalty program that automatically enrolls riders in one of three corresponding rewards categories based on the number of trips accrued over a 28-day period. The initiative was so well received by riders throughout Germany in its first month that we recently launched it in Tel Aviv.

Now, two new campaigns are helping reduce barriers to micromobility by making electric scooters even more accessible to all German riders. 

Unlimited Free Unlocks in August

Throughout the month of August, riders in four German cities will benefit from free unlocks on every trip made on a Bird electric scooter. The discount automatically applies to all Bird rides in Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich made between Saturday, August 1 and Monday, August 31. 

The initiative comes as cities across the country look to dissuade reluctant mass-transit users from returning to their private cars. The Bird team in Germany hopes that this and other initiatives will help cities meet their sustainability goals and keep automobile traffic down during the pandemic recovery. 

Ride Pass

On July 29, Bird rolled out our Ride Pass pilot in close to 10 cities across Germany. The program offers riders 15 weekly trips for just 15€, up to 20 minutes each. That’s 1€ per ride. 

Ride Pass is currently available in Cologne, Dortmund, Dusseldorf, Hannover, Mannheim, Ludwigshafen, Heidelberg, Karlsruhe and Essen. It’s designed to increase modeshift away from cars by helping micromobility riders adopt daily sustainable scooter habits. 

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