Flying with Purpose

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Sometimes life throws you curveballs. In 2015, southern-California resident, Bill’s life was turned upside down when his wife was diagnosed with throat cancer. Since that initial diagnosis, Bill’s wife, Cynthia has received multiple treatments and undergone extensive surgeries. 

This June, her most recent diagnosis required 10-hour surgery at UCLA hospital. Cynthia was hospitalized for nearly two weeks with her devoted husband Bill by her side. Cynthia is currently participating in an Immunotherapy Clinical Trial which means significant time for both of them, spent in Westwood.

“I love the hospital, and their cafe is good, but I needed to get out, breathe fresh air, and enjoy local food.” 

With Bill dedicating countless hours to supporting his wife at the hospital, he would routinely require a mental refresh, a quick stroll, or to simply get outdoors, all of which doesn’t come that easily to Bill. A couple of years ago, he suffered a mountaineering accident which curtailed his ability to walk significant lengths. Fast forward to the present day and Bill was left with very few options… he could either remain confined to the hospital or be forced to jump through hoops in order to enjoy a mental refresh (Exiting the parking garage, paying $$$ in parking fees, and combating congestion, are just a few of the hurdles he faced.)

Using Bird, Bill was able to frequent the hospital at his leisure while still remaining close to his wife.

“Bird was a beautifully accessible and completely enjoyable solution to me getting around Westwood with minimal walking and being able to get back to caring for my wife.”


Thank you, Bill and Cynthia, we are wishing you all the best. We are honored and humbled by your inspiring story and are grateful to have you as part of the Bird community.