Earth Day, Every Day

Bird was founded to provide a convenient, fun, zero-emission transport option for people in cities around the world. Our riders have taken tens of millions of rides in cities from Phoenix to Paris, using Bird to get to work, meet friends for dinner, and connect to public transit (just to name a few).

Today, there’s a growing awareness about the challenges posed by climate change and the need for each one of us to make more sustainable choices in our day to day lives. We’ve listened to our riders who actively choose Bird, because of how convenient and easy it is to be more sustainable—Bird helps riders reduce their environmental footprint while adding to the quality of their lives.

This got us thinking: How can we use our platform and work with our awe-inspiring community to encourage more sustainable choices every day?

This April, instead of honoring Earth Day, we’ll be celebrating all month by rewarding riders who choose Bird over car trips, promoting sustainability life-hacks, and partnering with like-minded brands and organizations.

To kick things off, we’re partnering with One Tree Planted and pledging to plant a tree for every rider who takes at least six rides in the month of April. The trees will be planted around the world with a special focus on urban forests. By choosing to ride Bird, you’re contributing to our planet, and giving back to your community. We look at this as a win, win.

This partnership is a perfect pairing—like urban trees, we are relegated to the edge of the sidewalk (at least when we’re parked). But also, similar to trees, Birds play a crucial role in urban sustainability. Urban trees provide habitat for wildlife, shade for people, and capture and store harmful emissions from cars. Bird provides mobility for people from all economic backgrounds to get to their habitat and have zero tailpipe emissions.

Join us this month, as we make a conscious decision to live more sustainably. To learn more about the amazing work of our partners at One Tree Planted go here.