Bird Scooters Launch in Florence as Italy Grows its Micromobility Service

What do Michelangelo’s “David,” Leonardo da Vinci’s “Annunciation” and Bird Two have in common? 

They can all now be found in the same Italian city. 

Bird is proud to be launching our custom engineered e-scooters in the renowned Tuscan capital of Florence. It’s an honor to have been selected as one of only three e-scooter companies to serve residents of and visitors to Firenze.

Beginning on Friday, December 18, hundreds of Bird Twos will be available to help riders navigate the streets of the Tuscan capital safely and sustainably. Our team has implemented strategic virtual parking “nests” throughout the city using Bird’s advanced suite of GPS and machine learning tools. These dedicated parking areas will help ensure that Florence remains uncluttered and beautiful from day one.

Similarly, our operations team will use sustainable, carbon-free cargo bikes for deploying and rebalancing scooters. We’ve also integrated our service with local Italian shared-moped operator ZigZag to give riders access to exactly the right vehicle to serve their needs.

Bird’s arrival in Florence means that residents will now have access to the safest, most sustainable shared e-scooters in the world. Earlier this month, we unveiled our Bird AEB, or Autonomous Emergency Braking system, designed to gently but swiftly bring riders to a stop in case of emergency. It’s the first time that active safety technology has been developed for lightweight micro-EVs such as e-scooters.

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