Bird Bets Big on Europe’s Green Recovery With New Execs, $150M Investment

The shared e-scooter industry may have started in the US, but Europe has become an integral part of its DNA. 

As the continent ramps up vaccination efforts, we at Bird have a responsibility to support the cities we’re proud to call home as they reopen and recover. European riders account for nearly one out of every two Bird rides globally, and since the pandemic they’ve been traveling on average more than 30% longer on our e-scooters.

That’s why we’ve put together a bold initiative that will help ensure more people have greater access to micromobility across Europe. Here’s what that means specifically.

New $150M Investment in Europe

Bird is committed to helping sustainable mobility and tech innovation thrive in Europe. As part of that commitment, we’re investing $150 million in the continent in 2021. 

The funds will be used to open safe, sustainable micromobility programs in well over 50 new European cities—but our investment doesn’t stop there. We’ll also be launching new mobility products and safety initiatives, implementing the next generation of recycling and second life applications for vehicles, investing in industry-leading equity programs and securing partnerships across the region designed to improve transportation for all Europeans.

One such program, our new Global Ride Pass, was announced last week. The suite of new pricing options is available in more than 12 countries and designed to help reduce the cost of making e-scooters a regular part of Europeans’ transportation routines.

Bird riders across the continent will now have access to between 1-4 of our new Global Ride Passes, including: 

  • Daily Unlimited Rides Pass
  • Monthly Unlimited Rides Pass
  • Monthly Unlimited Unlocks Pass
  • 3-Month Unlimited Unlocks Pass

“Europe is playing a leading role not only in embracing micro-EVs, but in redesigning cities to safely promote their use,” said Travis VanderZanden, founder and CEO of Bird. “We’re committed to working with cities to advance these incredibly positive initiatives by investing in the technology, as well as the safety, equity and sustainability programs, that will usher in the next generation of clean urban mobility across the continent.”

New European Executives

Bird is also taking steps to ensure the most important decisions we make are informed by a clear understanding of European needs. That’s why we’ve appointed Renaud Fages, a French national and former Partner at BCG, as Global Head of Operations.

Renaud joined Bird in 2020 as vice president of Strategy. Under his leadership, we have adapted our operations model in response to the global pandemic and enter this year’s peak riding season as the only micromobility operator able to serve cities of all sizes in Europe. 

“This pandemic has been devastating for towns and cities across Europe, and we want to help them get moving again,” said Fages. “Over the last 12 months, we’ve seen elected leaders step up in a big way to promote sustainable, socially distant mobility. Bird’s investment in Europe will enable us to support these efforts and better deliver on the promise of mobility for all.”

To further advance our European mission, Ireland-native Brendan O’Driscoll has taken up the role of Head of Product, Growth and Data at Bird. The former Head of Product – San Francisco at Spotify and an alumnus of both University College Dublin and Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden, Brendan will oversee our global product strategy and implementation.

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In less than three months, 2021 has already set itself up to be our most significant year in Europe with a UK expansion, an integration with France’s national SNCF rail company and a co-chair position on the newly formed Micro-Mobility for Europe coalition

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