Bird at Best Buy: How Retail Helps Meet Increased Demand for Micromobility

On May 18, our Bird One scooters were made available for purchase on

This may come as something of a surprise to anyone who knows us as the pioneers of shared electric micromobility, but it shouldn’t. Almost one year ago to the day, we began taking pre-orders for our revolutionary Bird One—the first custom-built electric scooter to bring all of the advancements of shared micromobility to riders and commuters living beyond the borders of a major city.

Since then, the demand for clean, safe personal electric vehicles has only increased in response to a global health crisis that has underscored the risks of poor air quality caused by automobiles and tightly packed public spaces. 

The fact is, retail plays an important role in the future of micromobility. In densely populated urban centers, shared electric scooters are an incredibly effective transportation option. They’re affordable, significantly more sustainable than personal cars and ride-hail services and ideally sized for the staggering number of vehicle trips that are under 3 miles/5 km in length.

In areas where people and places are separated by larger distances, however, a different solution is needed. That’s where high-performance personal scooters like Bird One come in.

Bird One benefits from our vehicle team’s unique experience as the innovators of the shared electric scooter industry. After millions of rides and years of intensive learning, we’ve equipped our retail scooters with all of the hardware and software necessary to survive life on the street. This includes a super smooth ride, long-lasting battery, puncture-proof tires, steel-reinforced aluminum frame and GPS-tracking that allows you to lock, unlock and locate your scooter remotely from your phone. 

The end result is a personal electric scooter built to travel far, last for years and, most importantly, extend the reach of micromobility well beyond the limits of a big city. 

Our collaborations with retailers like Best Buy allow us to offer Bird One to millions of people who may never have otherwise had the chance to experience the benefits of micromobility. 

Bird’s mission to improve air quality and reduce our dependence on cars means we’ll continue to innovate, combining shared, owned and other options to help lead micromobility into the future. That’s our purpose, and we’re excited to take this next step forward with you.