Adaptive Scooter FAQ

What is an adaptive scooter?
While our classic kick scooters are ridden standing, our adaptive scooters have a seat to ensure more people are able to use our service. If you have any questions or feedback on the vehicle or program, please reach out to us at

Are they available to anyone?
Although they are intended for disabled riders, the adaptive scooters are available to everyone.

How do I rent them?
Adaptive scooters will be available in the app soon. We are in the process of updating our program. Please contact us at with any questions in the meantime.

How do I ride one?
Adaptive scooters work just like our classic kick scooters except you have the added support of a seat.

How much do they cost
All pricing and terms are the same as the rest of our fleet. Community Plan pricing is also available. Learn more here.

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